Koramil 1423-02/Marioriawa and Residents Join Forces to Clean Welonge Market's Drainage

- 6 Februari 2024, 16:23 WIB
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gotong royong bersama warga /Alam Abra/Usman

SUARA SOPPENG -- In a show of unity, personnel from Koramil 1423-02/Marioriawa under Kodim 1423/Soppeng, Korem 141/Toddopuli, Kodam XIV/Hasanuddin, along with the local community, engaged in a communal effort to clean the drainage system at Welonge Market, located in Laringgi Village, Marioriawa District, Soppeng Regency, on Tuesday (06/02/2024).

The cleanup campaign, spanning approximately 200 meters of drainage channels and covering a 250-square-meter area within the market, was part of a collective endeavor known as Karya Bakti.

Representing Dandim 1423/Soppeng, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Sigit Suhendro Hadi Kusmawan, S.T., M. Tr (Han), Ws, and Danramil 02/Marioriawa, Sergeant Jaliluddin emphasized that the Karya Bakti initiative was a directive from the Chief of Staff of the Army (KASAD) through the Commander of Kodam XIV/HSN, Major General TNI Bobby Rinal Makmun, S. Ip. It underscored the army's commitment and care for the surrounding environment.

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The primary objective of the cleanup operation was to prevent drainage blockages during heavy rainfall, which could lead to flooding.

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Moreover, clearing both organic and non-organic waste aimed to mitigate the proliferation of mosquito larvae in stagnant water, thus reducing the risk of diseases such as Dengue Fever (DBD).

"It is our hope that through this Karya Bakti activity, the Welonge traditional market and its surroundings will remain clean—a pivotal gathering place for both merchants and buyers. May this endeavor also safeguard our health and shield us from adversities and illnesses while strengthening the bond between the TNI and the people," expressed Sergeant Jaliluddin in conclusion.


Editor: Usman, S.Pd


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